Welcome one, welcome all!

Hello, friend! Stay awhile, and listen.

Or not. We’ve been a bit quiet because we’ve been, y’know, making games. Those of you who kept up with the blog know that our pal Jon took care of this place previously, and when he decided to pursue new pastures… It becomes obvious we don’t do this social media thing all that great. But that’s gonna change. Again, we do apologise for the radio silence since we launched Romans In My Carpet! and we assure you that there are good things in the works – for all our games.

One of the most major things we’re looking forward to talking about in the future: the new title we’re working on, tentatively titled as Masquerada: Songs and Shadows! It’s going to be a monster of a game, drawing influences from all the good things we love. Neverwinter Nights, Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age, Bastion, Transistor, and even a whole bunch of MOBA from DOTA and League of Legends. Come find us at PAX East in 2015 if you want a piece of this gig.

You’ve probably also noticed by now that we spent a little bit of time trying to make this place look shiny and sleek. All part of keeping up with the Joneses. Enjoy the new look, and tell us if you love it – or not!

Hit us up on Twitter at @witchinghourSG if you want a quick response, and if you prefer snail email, our traditional lines are open as always.

Brian out!