Romans In My Carpet Is Out Now!

Finally, after all those months of hard work and toil, we can finally say that Romans In My Carpet is out now for iOS (via the App Store) and Android (via Google Play). Check your phones and get it now for US$2.99/£1.99/SG$3.98.

To sum it up: experience turn-based action with 16-bit graphics featuring tiny Romans and Icenis fighting each other on carpets, D&D tables, and under the depths of the sofa. Here’s a launch trailer for a glimpse of pixelated awesomeness:

Also, some quotes from renowned online gaming publications:

“Romans In My Carpet! is the most conceptually pleasing strategy game I’ve come across in a long while” – Pocketgamer UK

” This is too cute” – Pocket Tactics

“This game is a MUST get for all casual and hardcore strategy gamers out there.” – A Gaming Nation

Wanna help spread the Romans In My Carpet 16-bit gospel? Then sign up on our Twitter feed (@witchinghourSG) and/or just use #RomansInMyCarpet to talk about it. Also, we have a Facebook page if you want to see more updates from our side.

We had a lovely turnout at Casual Connect Asia last week for our Romans In My Carpet booth. Pics are below for your viewing pleasure:








We also won an award for Best Game Art during the Casual Connect Asia Indie Prize show. Huzzah!