Ravenmark: Mercs’ Got A v1.10 Update

Greetings, fellow Ravenmark players. Our new v1.10 patch is up! Head down after the jump for the full skinny on it.

So for the first time ever in Ravenmark: Mercenaries history, you can now watch an entire replay of a multiplayer game. You can skip to any round within the recorded match, and even share it via our Everyplay integration. So if you have cool matches to show off, do publish them onto our forums (preferably under the Brigades & Tactics section).


Here are the full notes of the patch provided by our very own Leon:

– A client update to v1.10 from all previous versions of the game is required to play Mercenaries.

Replay Functionality
– Players now have the option to watch the entire replay of a multiplayer game.
– While watching a full replay, players can jump quickly to any round in the replay by using the previous/next round buttons located at the bottom of the screen.
– The “update game/watch previous round” button is now a sub-menu which contains the button to watch a game’s replay.
– (iOS only) Everyplay is now able to record and share a replay sequence if the full replay sequence is watched.
– Games created before this patch will not have replay data for previous rounds.

Gameplay Changes
– 2 Arena maps have had a few pillars adjusted to create more space.

– Players are now able to use the following commands in the Tavern:
/ignore playername
/unignore playername
– The command /ignorelist may be used to view the player’s current ignore list, and /unignore.
– Players are now able to turn off the profanity filter in the Options Menu.
– The profanity filter has also been improved.
– Some optimization tweaks have been made to improve the general loading speed of the tavern.

– Players may now chat with their game opponents outside the battlefield via the chat button in the game lobby (Arena and Random Matches).

Game Pruning
– The rules for removal of completed games and declined/retracted games have been reworked.
– After 3 days of inactivity (including chat), the completed game will disappear from the completed game list if the player has collected its reward.
– After 1 day, declined games will disappear from the completed tab.
– Players can save up to 5 completed multiplayer or arena games in total for future replay viewing. This is done by checking a “Save Replay” box in the lobby for each match the player wishes to save.
– Saved games will not be removed until the player unchecks the ‘Save Replay’ box in the game lobby. Deleting saved games in this manner will remove them immediately from the completed tab.

Push Notifications
– Push notifications involving chat messages will now load the chat only.
– (Android) Push notifications involving a battle will now launch directly into the battle.

Bug Fixes
– The Two-Coin Bank button now correctly scrolls under the menu navigation top bar.
– The Lifeblood animation now plays correctly on retina devices.
– Fixed an issue causing the background music to overlap.
– Fixed an issue with the Effects volume slider.
– Fixed miscellaneous game crashes.
– Fixed grammatical errors in the Codex.

Misc Changes
– When the server is down for maintenance, players will now see a “Server Maintenance” error message.
– Much of the code base has been heavily optimized, resulting in much faster login, patching and loading times.

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