And now for something completely different – we’ve got Romans In My Carpet! Behold an absurdly zany multiplayer turn-based wargame, drenched in vivid 16-bit pixel art. Welcome to the diminutive realm of Petesroom, a regular college kid’s dorm room, where a warhost of bedbugs known as the Romites believe this realm demands the embrace of Pax Romana.

Command the army of your choice – the stoically chipper Romites or their nemeses, the barbarically nekkid Breetles – and cut up your foes in over asynchronous multiplayer matches. While waiting for your opponents to take their turn, continue honing your wits in the story campaign, and catch all of our Monty Python-flavoured japes if you can.

The 2014 Indie Prize for Best Game Art, Casual Connect Singapore

“Romans is simpler, smaller (obviously) in scale and not as intimidating… Yet it somehow manages not to skimp on either the meat and potatoes of the gameplay or its delightfully well-realized underfoot world.”

– 4 Stars on Gamezebo

“…The game’s accessibility makes it a good entry point for checking out Witching Hour Studios’ brand of mobile strategy.”

– 4 Stars on 148Apps