The award-winning turn-based strategy game that started it all for Witching Hour! Set in the medieval fantasy world of Eclisse, this epic tale kicks off when the realm of the Empire of Estellion is beset by a great scourge from their past – a warhost of mystics from the forgotten nation of Kaysan. Lead commanders and soldiers from both sides of the war into gripping conflicts throughout the game’s campaigns.

Each battle calls for careful planning through the “we-go” battle system that allows allies and enemies to act in the same phase, according to their order of initiative. Combine your combat units into Formations to deal heavier damage or reinforce defences, and carefully orchestrate your army’s movements with different Standing Orders across each turn.

The Charles S. Roberts Award for Best Science-Fiction or Fantasy Computer Wargame 2011

“Witching Hour Studios should be lauded for aiming to compete with the big boys [like] Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics.”

– The Bronze Award by Pocket Gamer

“A complete and utter joy.”

– 4.5 Stars on TouchArcade