Mercenaries builds upon the foundations of the first Ravenmark, and delivers a free-to-play game of strategy and cunning. Six years after the Scourge of Estellion, the world has plunged into an unending cycle of chaotic battles led by Estellion’s vengeful new ruler, the Scarlet Empress. In these battles, new mechanics such as the Zone of Control and the Standard Bearer introduce fresh possibilities for sophisticated tactical plays.

Take on the role of a mercenary commander, and collect an army of formidable brigades with unique strengths and abilities. Embrace asynchronous head-to-head battles against friends, random opponents or AI. Make your banner renowned by defeating your challengers and climbing the leaderboard of the Stonewater Arena, where a faithful community of players have competed for pole position since 2013!

“A complex but rewarding strategy game, Ravenmark: Mercenaries will satisfy the strategy cravings of mobile Napoleons everywhere.”

–The Silver Award by Pocket Gamer

“Ravenmark: Mercenaries is the richest, most mechanically deep iOS game I’m aware of… There’s a wonderful and unlimited experience to be had.”

– 4 Stars on TouchArcade

“Mercenaries deserves kudos for daring to focus on deep strategy games when most of its rivals in the mobile arena stick to “safe” action and casual categories.”

– Digital Life Editors’ Choice Award by The Straits Times, Singapore