A Kickstarter for Masquerada? What’s this about?

Hey everyone,

The team at Witching Hour is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign this Thursday, 21st April!

Now a lot of you may be wondering – the game is supposed to be coming out this year, right? Why the blooming hell are we doing a Kickstarter to raise funds?

Please don’t be worried and think that we’ve done nothing for the last 2 years, or that the project has been mismanaged or sunk! That is the furthest thing from reality. We’ll be putting out a demo along with this Kickstarter to make sure you know it’s real.

To make things clear: If you’ve been with us at the convention circuit like the PAX shows, you would have heard us saying that we want to deliver the game this summer. Nothing has changed. In fact, we could release the game in about 3 weeks if we wanted.

But in 3 weeks, we won’t be delivering the game that fulfils the promise of the game we set out to build. We need a little bit more time (and therefore money) to keep the team together so we can put the perfect finishing touches.

Also, as an audience, you’re kind of used to seeing Kickstarters for projects that are just at the very beginning, at the concept stage. I’m certain you’ve also seen a whole bunch of Kickstarters you’ve given money to completely fail, or deliver a substandard product that didn’t follow through on the promises of the original campaign. Or better yet, they launch a second Kickstarter campaign to supplement the first.

So yes, we’re doing something a little different from the normal – but we hope that gives you more confidence to buy into a nearly finished product. We just need that little extra love to see this through to the satisfaction of everyone.

If you have any questions at all, hit us up on the Masquerada Facebook page!

  • Agentg18

    Is this studio still making stuff ? Sry just curious as the last post was from a year ago