I Can Has Award? News Update For Feb 13

Guess what? We won a local award for Ravenmark: Mercenaries. Huzzah!

This, plus one more tidbit after the jump.

First off, we got third place in the Best Made-In-Singapore category in the Straits Times Digital Life Awards 2014 show. The other two spots were taken up by Heroes of Honor (2nd) and Pixel People (1st); damn fine games too.

The whole Witching Hour gang took this with pride and honor, as you can see below.


Thanks again for the support, everybody. The fans, the strategy gamers, our friends and family; we could not have achieved this without your help. We promise that we’ll kick more ass than before with our new projects in 2014 and beyond!

There’s also talk about replays and such on the forums. Yes it’s true: we’ll be implementing the option to save replays of your Ravenmark: Mercenaries matches in a future patch. Battlefields that aren’t saved in one of the five provided slots for replay will be deleted and cleared after three days. As for Everyplay implementation? The Android version recently came out so we’re looking into it.

This also means that you’re encouraged to show off your moves and tactics, the best ones, in the near future. So watch this and the forum space for news on that future patch, or any other Ravenmark-related news too.




  • Gonzalo Alvarez

    Congratulations guys! I have recently discovered your studio and games and I am without words. Amazing games, the games hit the perfect itch games havent been able to hit for a long time. Infact RM is the only game ive kept on my phone. Great job and im looking foward to keeping up with you guys. 🙂