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A Kickstarter for Masquerada? What’s this about?

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Hey everyone,

The team at Witching Hour is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign this Thursday, 21st April!

Now a lot of you may be wondering – the game is supposed to be coming out this year, right? Why the blooming hell are we doing a Kickstarter to raise funds?

Please don’t be worried and think that we’ve done nothing for the last 2 years, or that the project has been mismanaged or sunk! That is the furthest thing from reality. We’ll be putting out a demo along with this Kickstarter to make sure you know it’s real.

To make things clear: If you’ve been with us at the convention circuit like the PAX shows, you would have heard us saying that we want to deliver the game this summer. Nothing has changed. In fact, we could release the game in about 3 weeks if we wanted.

But in 3 weeks, we won’t be delivering the game that fulfils the promise of the game we set out to build. We need a little bit more time (and therefore money) to keep the team together so we can put the perfect finishing touches.

Also, as an audience, you’re kind of used to seeing Kickstarters for projects that are just at the very beginning, at the concept stage. I’m certain you’ve also seen a whole bunch of Kickstarters you’ve given money to completely fail, or deliver a substandard product that didn’t follow through on the promises of the original campaign. Or better yet, they launch a second Kickstarter campaign to supplement the first.

So yes, we’re doing something a little different from the normal – but we hope that gives you more confidence to buy into a nearly finished product. We just need that little extra love to see this through to the satisfaction of everyone.

If you have any questions at all, hit us up on the Masquerada Facebook page!

Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion – on Steam this August!

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Hey everyone,

So this is a secret we’ve had to sit on for nearly a year, and it’s fine time we got this off our chests. Our very first game and our finest release, Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion, will finally head to Steam on August 6th. We couldn’t be prouder.

Head over to the official Steam page and add it to your wishlist! Pricing isn’t confirmed as of this writing, but we’re thinking about US$19.99 with a launch week discount.

We’ve dug in and made all the adjustments you’d expect of a proper PC port, but wait! There is (of course) exclusive content in the form of the Epilogue campaign, comprising 8 new missions that delve into the aftermath of the Scourge following the Empire’s fateful battles against the Kaysani at Lastwall. If you’ve played Ravenmark: Mercenaries, you’ll see a familiar face or three!

Our publishing partner for this release is none other than Slitherine Ltd, purveyor of fine strategy games for the truly dedicated wargamer. Hopefully, if things go well, you guys will see Mercenaries on PC as well in the future! If you’d like a little trivia – the genesis of this deal traces back to a clandestine meeting I had all the way up in Helsinki, Finland during a Pocket Gamer conference. It’s pretty cool to see how a quick conversation turns things into reality (albeit with lots of work along the way!).

PS: 4 months since my last post? It’s time to admit we’re bad at social media in general. Yup. *dusts off cobwebs* I promise a post regarding Masquerada very soon!

– Brian

That GIF really tied the room together.

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The Inspettore and friends investigate a case of Maskrunners skulking about.

The Inspettore and friends play with physics.

You might have seen a couple of excerpts of this GIF running rife with our friends at Pocket Tactics and Games In Asia, so we thought we oughta put this out there for those of you faithfully visiting our digs here!

Here are a couple more screenshots from the pre-alpha build, and just so you know, all the magic effects – yes, even that cool-looking warp effect Cicero uses to trap the enemies in a gravitational pull – are all placeholder. We think the proper magic effects will look even more awesome, so stay tuned for a real preview of the PAX East build!

Screen 1

Someone gave that nail bat a nice manicure.

Screen 2

Blue Man Group has some competition.

Screen 3

They sure didn’t teach you to check your blind spot for fireballs.



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Welcome to 2015, friends!

We talk about how we’d like to see more politics in games. “Games are, at the end of the day, conflict,” Ian says. “And politics are also conflict. A lot of people say they don’t want politics in their games because they don’t want to take a position. Everything in a game comes from somewhere though – it’s fear of scrutiny.”

“They want only the politics they are familiar with,” Brian says.


Above is a swingin’ excerpt of some lovely writing by the intrepid Cara Ellison, the one-woman show behind EMBED WITH GAMES, a trans-metropolitan take on game criticism. After swinging by Japan, Cara stopped by our little island to spend some time with the Witching Hour team and meet many of the hardworking, quick-witted folk who make up the Singapore game development industry. We made sure she got a very informed earful into where Singapore game development is headed – not to mention many, many morsels of gastronomical Singaporean delights!

The team is toiling hard on a show-ready build of Masquerada: Songs and Shadows for PAX East, and we’ve got some big news waiting in the wings for our older games, so sit tight, folks! 2015 is going to be a kick-ass year for WHS.

Brian, out!

Welcome one, welcome all!

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Hello, friend! Stay awhile, and listen.

Or not. We’ve been a bit quiet because we’ve been, y’know, making games. Those of you who kept up with the blog know that our pal Jon took care of this place previously, and when he decided to pursue new pastures… It becomes obvious we don’t do this social media thing all that great. But that’s gonna change. Again, we do apologise for the radio silence since we launched Romans In My Carpet! and we assure you that there are good things in the works – for all our games.

One of the most major things we’re looking forward to talking about in the future: the new title we’re working on, tentatively titled as Masquerada: Songs and Shadows! It’s going to be a monster of a game, drawing influences from all the good things we love. Neverwinter Nights, Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age, Bastion, Transistor, and even a whole bunch of MOBA from DOTA and League of Legends. Come find us at PAX East in 2015 if you want a piece of this gig.

You’ve probably also noticed by now that we spent a little bit of time trying to make this place look shiny and sleek. All part of keeping up with the Joneses. Enjoy the new look, and tell us if you love it – or not!

Hit us up on Twitter at @witchinghourSG if you want a quick response, and if you prefer snail email, our traditional lines are open as always.

Brian out!