A little bit about us

We’ve been kicking around delightful designs and crafting worlds word-by-word since 2010. Back when Witching Hour was formed, we wanted to punch people in the gut with emotional stories and fascinating yet believable universes. We started on mobile, and have since cut a path back to PC and consoles. We’ll be wherever thoughtful games continue to be cherished.

Singapore is our home – it’s fabled for legendary things like death penalties for *selling* chewing gum (NOT the actual chewing of gum), freaky cyberpunk spaceship casinos, and more recently the “peace” summit meeting we hosted between a certain dotard and dictator. We’d very much like for our games to help overwrite that list of weird stuff, because there are plenty of awesome things found and made in Singapore. Please enjoy our work, and perhaps even find the inspiration to make your own games!