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That GIF really tied the room together.

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The Inspettore and friends investigate a case of Maskrunners skulking about.

The Inspettore and friends play with physics.

You might have seen a couple of excerpts of this GIF running rife with our friends at Pocket Tactics and Games In Asia, so we thought we oughta put this out there for those of you faithfully visiting our digs here!

Here are a couple more screenshots from the pre-alpha build, and just so you know, all the magic effects – yes, even that cool-looking warp effect Cicero uses to trap the enemies in a gravitational pull – are all placeholder. We think the proper magic effects will look even more awesome, so stay tuned for a real preview of the PAX East build!

Screen 1

Someone gave that nail bat a nice manicure.

Screen 2

Blue Man Group has some competition.

Screen 3

They sure didn’t teach you to check your blind spot for fireballs.