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Changes Are Afoot….

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Passive Aggressive Death Stare Lord


Update: We had to change up a few things on the Advisors part. Apologies for the confusion. 

Greetings, fellow commanders! We have a bunch of updates coming up concerning Ravenmark: Mercenaries, all of which are lovely and splendorous!

Of course, we couldn’t have sustained and kept the Ravenmark series alive and kicking without the help of you guys and girls. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!


Now let’s get down to brass tacks, because I’m sure you’re keen to hear about what’s new:

The Twocoin Bank: We will be adding a new page in the game where you can change your hard-earned Silver to Lodestones.

Advisors: For the first time in Ravenmark history, we will allow you players to contract colorful individuals from the lore that will assist you from the sidelines. They will not be affecting battles directly, but they will be giving you extra rewards and bonuses post-mission. For example, hiring Donato Ezeiza will give your Brigades 2 additional experience points after you’re done with a mission.

Speaking of which, here’s a peek at how they’ll look like.



Sadly, Chuckles the Estellion court jester and Hebi Nikama pharmacist Kikilala didn’t make the cut.


Brigade-Hiring Changes: We will be switching the cost of Brigades from Silver to Lodestones. Also, we are flattening the costs of Brigades. The price differences right now are creating a false assumption that the more costly Brigades are better.

Practice Grounds: Remember the training mode in games like Street Fighter IV? This new option on the Contracts page is sort of like that. You can test out a Brigade against an enemy AI, regardless of whether you own them or not. This allows you to try out a Brigade before you buy them with Lodestones. Yup, we just invented portable window-shopping on a turn-based strategy game.


Love the changes? Want to talk about it? Give us your constructive feedback on this post right here, on the forum post that started it, and on Twitter.

Oh right, I almost forgot: this is Jonathan here, your new Twitter and community guy for Witching Hour Studios. Watch this space for more updates!