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Latest review on Ravenmark: SOE!

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Hey fellas!

So it’s midweek, how’s everyone holding up? Well, in any case the weekend is right around the corner (I’m a glass-half full kinda guy) so whatever the case is… hang in there!

The kind folks at Game Critics’: TouchTalk wrote up a review on us recently and all I can say is… thank you so much! It’s feedback and reviews like this that validate all the time spent away from our non-existent girlfriends *sob*.

Right. Okay… so while we munch on that unnecessary bit of information, go ahead and take a look at what Brad and his team have to say about us and a couple of other cool games here!


Here we go!

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Brigade Commander: Alison L'Etainne

Hi fellas!

Just a short introduction of myself so we can all be better acquainted and get along. If you read our previous post, you would have noticed Ian introducing me as Khai, the new social manager. Perhaps those of you who have played Ravenmark would be better acquainted with my alter ego Crumston. As of now, I’ll be serving as Witching Hour’s community manager and taking over Ian and Kevin’s duties of giving you the latest updates and answering any queries you might have about Scourge of Estellion (SOE) or the upcoming Mercenaries. So yeah, we’ll be getting to know each other a little more intimately in the coming months. Don’t be shy, drop me a mail if you need to ask anything, have suggestions or even grievances to air. I won’t bite. Promise.

Having recently joined Witching Hour Studios, I was tasked with completing all of Ravenmark’s: Scourge of Estellion campaigns before I could embark on any work.  Having been part of the game’s early development you could be forgiven if you thought I was a master of the game by now. Nope. Life happened and I ended up working in the financial sector (I sold out). So imagine my surprise when I returned to find Ravenmark to be so… epic. Six splendidly glorious campaigns, and an ever expanding lore that makes it hard to believe that it’s an iOS game, much less put together by a team I could count with digits to spare. Kudos to them, they really have been hard at work (and still are mind you).

So now here I am, over a year since the launch of Ravenmark having just completed Raven’s Rise a couple of weeks back (personally enjoyed Deepwood Dragoons most) and finding myself involved neck deep in the production of Ravenmark: Mercenaries. The team have hardly taken a breather since then. In fact, they’re churning out content at an amazing speed and I’ve pretty much been caught up in the pace of it all. It really is exciting stuff.

Heck Ian, between the gameplay mechanics and the storyline you totally have me sold. Shut up and take my money man (seriously I skipped my bonus to join Witching Hour) To Mordor you say?  You have my x! (and every other letter on my keyboard).

Well so, before this post becomes in danger of being a Tl:Dr love letter, I’d simply like to thank all of you for supporting Witching Hour Studios and the Ravenmark Saga. You guys are every bit as amazing as the team are and none of this would have been possible without you. Reading the feedback we’ve gotten, I really am heartened to see that we have such lovely folk supporting us. Keep the love coming!!! Of course it’s not a one way traffic and we intend to give back as much as we’ve gotten, so stay tuned for more sneak peeks to Mercenaries!

Stay cool fellas!



Someone you should meet!

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Heya all, I know we’ve been quiet for quite a bit here at WHS. It’s mostly because we’re working hard on Mercs. Commanders being written, Brigades created, matches tested and the likes. We’re very happy with what the end product will be and hope you will be too. We should be showing an early build at both PAX East and GDC. So if you’re curious, do look us up there! I’ll give more details as the dates get closer. =)

In the meantime, I’d like to introduce someone who you’ll be getting to know quite well in the coming months! With Mercs being a mostly multiplayer game, we’re expecting to grow a community around it. That said, we’ve added someone new to the team – a community manager. Meet Khai! Khai is an old friend and if you’ve peeked at the credits in Ravenmark, you’ll find him under Lore Writers. He has always been a huge contributor to the Ravenmark world, even Crummy is based off of his D&D Character!

From today onwards, he’ll be refreshing us on Elements and Characters from the original saga and teasing us with what’s going in with Mercs!

Go for it, Khai. =D