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Progress update!

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They say a picture’s worth a thousand words …

(we’re only working on multiplayer games themselves at the moment, so ignore the UI .. and don’t forget – a lot of things will change before we ship!)

Lryi Primrose Painharvester Champion

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Hey guys – here are some concept sketches of the Lyri Primrose Painharvester champion that Hadrian has been designing. What he has done is to take a basic painharvester and amplify the feral/primitive features and traits of the Lyri. One of these will end up being a unique character in mutliplayer as well 😀 These come with a variety of scars/hairstyles/features to differentiate them from standard Lyri units.



Looking for a programmer!

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Hey guys – if you know of anyone with skills in c# AND sql in Singapore (other languages like C++ or objC are a bonus) … please shoot me an email … or leave me a comment here and I’ll get back to you.

and the ravens have risen!!

Raven’s Rise is out!

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Hey everyone .. the Ravens have risen!

*ducks before Ian can throw something at me*

You can now enjoy the epic conclusion to Ravenmark! 🙂

I sincerely hope you guys have enjoyed Ravenmark as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. I’d like to thank everyone in our office, our families, beta testers, people who helped us in one way or the other – I hope I got all your names right in the credits!’

Now … all of us will be working extra hard on multiplayer! (Mercenaries will take place 5 years after the ending of Ravenmark)

Lastly – if you haven’t left us a review on the app store .. do consider leaving us one if you have the time. We would appreciate it. And feel free to email feedback at anytime … 😀

Raven’s Rise has been submitted to Apple!

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Hey everyone – first a big thanks to all the testers who’ve helped out! Secondly – we’ve uploaded the build to Apple and it’s now awaiting review before being released 🙂

Fingers crossed they approve it soon so you can enjoy the finale of Ravenmark!