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The headless horseman was not impressed.

Some concept images

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Hey everyone, our resident concept artist Hadrian has given me some sketches to post. I’ll start off this week “a-head” of everyone else by posting the head sketches for the Islemen commander! I’ll post another sketch next week!

The headless horseman was not impressed.


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just implemented the surrender command so that people can give up on a losing battle and reduce costs associated with reinstating the brigade.

we’ve still got a ton of work to do, but things are coming along. keep your fingers crossed for us!

What the..!

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Was having coffee with Brian and Ian till late last night discussing Mercenaries when I decided to ask them about the ending of Raven’s Rise (I’ve resisted knowing for so long already ) …

Annnnnnnnnnd …

I nearly fell off my seat …


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captain’s log.

things are still moving slow and steady. contracts can now be issued. we’re able to pull maps off the server onto the devices during battles. this will give us a lot of freedom when designing maps for those multiplayer battles. next step is to get an actual multiplayer battle running “soon”. we’re slightly ahead of schedule, but a lot of things can change since ian’s been down with the flu.

raven’s rise is also coming along well. the maps are all almost fully designed now. had the chance to play through 3 maps so far 😀 if you’ve been a beta tester before, I think you should be getting ready in the next 2 weeks 😀

ill continue to keep you guys updated with our progress now that i’m here 3 nights every week as well. (we intend to work till 10/11pm for now, before ramping up in the coming months)

Crunch Begins…

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So … tonight is the first of many nights, we will now aim to work till 10 or 11pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays first to ramp up work. Once we get through december, we may consider ramping up things and putting in even more hours.

As of now, we are still working in 2 teams … some of us are working on Raven’s Rise while some of us are working on multiplayer. I have a working build of Raven’s Rise in hand … give me a week or so of internal tweaking / testing and making sure everything looks good before the beta invites go out. You can expect another 9 maps to conclude the epic saga that is Ravenmark =)

We have a few surprises in store as well. I’m waiting on a few loose ends to be tied up before we can talk about anything as well. I remain optimistic as usual. I do foresee some lost time since Baldur’s Gate:Enhanced Edition will be out soon and Ian and myself will be all over that =)

I’ll start updating the blog more frequently now that we are working late … 😀