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Raven's Dusk screenshot

Raven’s Dusk preview!

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Hey everyone – I’d just like you guys to know that Raven’s dusk is now about to undergo beta testing and if everything goes well, you should have it in your hands in under 2 weeks!

I’ve decided to post a few more screenshots over the next few days (and i’ll do my best to avoid posting any spoilers)

Not sure if any of you guys want me to remove the dialogue from the screenshots before posting (if you do, just let me know here or email me and I’ll be happy to oblige)

You’ll be getting this next campaign for free (we’ve decided to revert back to the original plan and increase the base price of the game everytime we release new content)

As for multiplayer – things are coming along well. We have another secret currently in the works. I dont know how that will pan out, but if it works out … I foresee a lot of happy people!

Good things are happening people! I’m absolutely so sorry for the lack of updates, but we refuse to show anything until it is firm … otherwise we’d just be overly teasing you guys πŸ˜€

Till my next screenshot post!

As for the beta testers – expect an email via TF if you havent already received it!

Raven's Dusk screenshot

Review #700

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Review #700 comes from Uruguay via user “duncanedi” who left us a 5 star review! It was a short review, but definitely to the point (ha ha)

I’ll be posting some updates tomorrow as well when I find the time. God knows you guys have been pretty patient with us so far πŸ˜€


Thanks duncanedi!