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A wild update appears!

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Hi guys, Brian has posted the following on Touch Arcade here.

I’ve copied it here to keep you guys in the loop if you don’t visit Touch arcade very often!


Hey folks, been a while. We’ve been busy polishing up the Raven’s Dusk campaign. 

We’d like to announce a decision that should make some of you happy… and some others, disgruntled.

Starting with the next update, all present and future campaigns will be available to anyone who has purchased Ravenmark, without requiring the purchase of further IAP. We’ll be raising the price of the basic app to reflect the true value of the game’s content.

Truthfully, Witching Hour is earning next to nothing for the amount of effort and resources we expended on the recent Deepwood Dragoons campaign IAP. It doesn’t make very much sense to us to continue charging when not only are we making a pittance from this endeavour, we are also receiving one-star reviews and jeers for it.

Unfortunately, for those folks who *have* already purchased the Deepwood Dragoons campaign IAP, this is going to sound like a bait-and-switch. We can’t refund your money – we would if we could – but we’re going to try and make it up to you, if you’ll let us.

Quite a few of you know we have a new multiplayer edition of Ravenmark in the works, and it’s going to be free to play. There aren’t many details available, as we’re still furiously working on it. The only thing we can say is that we expect it to hit the App Store in Spring 2013.

When it does come out, though… For those of you who bought the Deepwood Dragoons IAP, we want to give you a unique brigade in the new game!

One catch: We can only do this by tracking your purchase via the WHS Account in the original Ravenmark. You’ll need to sign up for the WHS Account and perform the Restore IAP feature in our Options Menu, in order for us to track your Deepwood IAP purchase and give you the unique brigade next year.

We’ve promised you that we strive hard to bring you games that we are proud to play. Raven’s Dusk will be ready in October, and the campaign finale of Ravenmark should be ready to go before the end of the year! Beyond that, we hope to deliver an incredible multiplayer experience in 2013… So keep your eyes peeled!