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Wiki Wiki (yes – we have a wikipedia page!)

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Hey All

OK – it’s time to reveal something we’ve been working on :

We now have a wikipedia page for Ravenmark! We’ve been slowly piecing it together, but if any of you (besides you, Jere, .. thanks for the help though so far!!) would like to chip in and maybe help out with the strategy section – we’d welcome the help, as there are a lot of ways to win a map.

If you’re interested in helping out .. just shoot me an email using the feedback button and I’ll get you all set up ๐Ÿ˜€


About the 3x speed up IAP

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Hi guys

We received a few one star reviews regarding the IAP for the 3x speed bonus. Just to clarify – you do not need this IAP. ever. While beta testing the game, we would speed it up so we could get through battles quicker, so we could finish beta testing in time. A few of the testers mentioned it was somewhat helpful and that we *could* charge impatient people for it. So, we decided to make a 2x and a 3x speed up bonus available, *just* for impatient people.

You dont need it to win.
You don’t need it to progress through the game.
You don’t get any special reward for buying it, other than the fact that you are helping us with our rising costs.

It is purely optional after all. We have zero hidden agenda to nickel and dime you guys, because the option doesnt make the game easier, it doesnt allow you to cheat or give you an extra achievement etc. It’s not like we shoved a ton of IAPs in there and kept suggestions to you guys to buy our IAPs. We even moved the tip jar, because the space was better used for the WHS account.

We really dont expect to break even on the amount of work we put into this campaign. Most of us were sleeping past midnight and waking up early to work on Ravenmark. Some of the testers were aware I damaged the nerve (the ulnar nerve to be precise) in my left arm as well, but that hasnt stopped me from working to help bring the campaign to you guys.

Someone even said they would be deleting the game because of the IAP and another said he wasnt happy we decided to charge for the new campaign.

Look guys – if we were featured on the app store, and we were raking in the cash, believe me, all updates would be free. But that isnt the case. A lot of time, effort, blood and sweat goes into painstakingly making each campaign a reality. We spend countless hours away from family, friends, girlfriends etc to bring you the campaigns, to the best of our abilities.

I really wish some people would understand that we do work hard, and I’m genuinely disappointed in some of the people’s responses to us.

Weekly updates and roundup 26th July (DD is out!)

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Hi guys – sorry for the short post but Deepwood Dragoons is now available ๐Ÿ˜€ Please update your app to v1.08 and you’ll see it appear under the campaign menu. There are a whole bunch of changes that you’ll find under the herald / itunes page as well ๐Ÿ˜€

Let us know what you think of it when you are done! ๐Ÿ˜€

Weekly roundup and updates 19th July

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Well, the update hasn’t been approved by Apple (yet!) so fingers crossed.

We’re working on a few other surprises and hope to have them ready in time for the deepwood dragoons launch as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Lastly – we’re all going to watch Batman tonight! so expect us to be unproductive for the rest of the afternoon.

Ian, if you’re reading this, its your turn to move in pocket heroes! ๐Ÿ˜›

and the build is going up!

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to the big apple cloud in the sky ๐Ÿ™‚

the sooner they approve it … the faster you guys will be playing deepwood dragoons!

lastly, we’ve gone ahead to update Ravenmark’s herald with a list of changes. If you start the app up, you should see the latest changes (that you get you somewhat pumped up for the impending release!)

Also, we’ll be starting work on the next campaign after this weekend … ๐Ÿ˜€ (the things we do for you guys!!!)

Lastly, we’ve picked up Pocket Heroes, so if you’re in to turn-based rpg games, please show them some love! The 3 of us have been playing it and loving it so far!

Till next week!

Weekly updates and roundup 12th July

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Hey everyone – just got word we need to wait for 1 sprite to be adjusted and we’re done ๐Ÿ™‚ Gonna be in the office testing the buildย thoroughlyย … Really got to hand it to the testers this time … feedback was concise, thorough and some even went to the trouble of ensuring they could replicate issues before letting us know .. which helped a ton!

We’ll be uploading the build tomorrow night. However, we were hoping for a deal to come through so we could offset the development cost of deepwood dragoons but unfortunately, the deal fell through (as far as I know), so we’ve had to make the painful decision to charge $1.99 for the campaign. I really hope that you guys will still give deepwood dragoons a shot, because it does include some new units and playing styles … as well as an epic 60 unit map ๐Ÿ˜€

Lastly, a shout out to Quincy Jonesย (@dreadnokv1), who has made it into the game as a character ๐Ÿ˜€ “Raven for life” indeed eh Quincy?


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Hey everyone, we’re going to be revamping the Ravenmark Saga site shortly (in conjunction with the release of Deepwood Dragoons) and we managed to convince Ian to start a separate twitter account so that you guys can ask him *anything* about Ravenmark and its current progress. You can follow him @RavenmarkSaga and ask him as many questions as you’d like!

Also, the beta for Deepwood Dragoons has gone extremely smoothly (here’s a shoutout to all of you who’ve been helping … there’s too many of you to write out names one by one but you know who you are!) We’ve taken all that feedback and tweaked things a little (some missions are now harder / some are easier etc) and we’ve fixed any bugs / errors caught by our astute testers (they must be eating lots of carrots since they have really, really good eyes)!

We’re targeting wrapping up beta testing shortly and preparing the final package .. so stay tuned!

(also, don’t forget to follow Ian so you can now reach him directly!! LOL)