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Since you checked here ... the beta should begin next week! :D

Weekly roundup and updates 29th June

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Hi Guys

Here’s an awesome update for you guys to show our progress … screenshot taken from my iPad 3 …
I’ve already played through the first few missions so far, and things are coming along great! I know I should have done another post on some of the upcoming units … so that’ll be posted over the weekend … For now … know that we are making a lot of progress!!

Since you checked here ... the beta should begin next week! :D










ooh la la!

Parlez-vous français? (weekly update 21st Jun 2012)

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Hi Guys!

Here’s a progress update for you:

Deepwood Dragoons is going extremely smoothly … the dialogue scripting is already done. We are finishing up the scripting / triggers for the maps ( the first few maps are already completely done). We’re looking at releasing within July (depending on how many testers we can get to test the missions out). We do however, have to tweak some of the graphics, since we’re looking for perfection and because we are introducing several new units 😀

There will be some social media integration for the new build of Ravenmark. As the number of games we have expand, we want to ensure you can reap the benefits of playing all our games. We’re still figuring it out, but if you get certain achievements in Ravenmark, that should unlock some stuff for multiplayer. I won’t say too much about this yet as I would prefer if Ian writes a long post about it instead 😀

The casual board game we’re working on? Yes .. it’s still in the works. Unfortunately, we may have gone a little overboard on the AI … I have yet to win a game against the AI :'(

What’s that? Why is the blog title in French? Well, for starters:

Oh mon chéri!ooh la la!
Yup – one of our fans approached us about doing a French translation and we were all for it (so if you’d like to see Ravenmark in our own language, please contact us! You can leave a message on a blog or on our facebook or find our email on our contact page .. the choice is yours!)

However –  please don’t ask me when the French translation will be done. As it is fan supported, we are willing to work on an extended timeline since he (hi Nicolas!) is doing it in his free time 🙂

More updates throughout the week as I get em!

REACH Family Services

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Hi everyone – instead of a weekly update this week, I’d like to talk about something we did last weekend, which was to volunteer at REACH family services. We (including some other volunteers as well!) took about 30+ kids on the hippo / mint museum tour and I have to say, it was one of the most fun things we’ve done this year.

Most of the kids were still in primary school (grade 3-6) but they were some of the smartest kids I’ve ever had the great opportunity to interact with. All of us had a great time and we’re hoping to get together and take the kids somewhere again in December during their next school holidays.

If you’re a local and interested in helping out kids – I strongly suggest you visit their site and get in touch with them. We definitely had an awesome experience and the volunteers there really completed the overall experience!

Lastly, if you’d like to donate, they have a form on their site you can use 🙂

Weekly updates and roundup June 8th

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Hi guys .. here’s our latest progress update:

Deepwood Dragoons:
– sprites nearly done
– scripting started
– artwork is nearly complete
– starting to look for testers locally to come into the office and play through
– map compilation has already begun.
(I’ve included a early sketch by one of our artist for the look of some of the buildings that will appear in DD)

Our other casual board game:
– we’ve switched over to Game centre and live matches so as not to stress our server

We’re also going to be implementing Facebook connect for reasons that I’ll explain down the road. It’s not compulsory at all, but it will be beneficial to those who do use it!