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Weekly updates and roundup 27th April

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Hi guys

Ok ok .. I know I’m a big tease. Sorry for taking so long to getting around to this update, but here it goes!

We should be uploading v1.07 shortly with some bug fixes and code optimizations.  Deepwood Dragoons is going great … Brian’s tweaking his script a little, but I couldn’t put it down when I first started reading it. Most of the artwork is done, sprites are being created as we speak and half the mapwork is already complete. Be prepared for some new units!

Our upcoming game
Well, in our “free time” (that is, when we need to take a break from Ravenmark itself) – we’ve come up with a small casual game. There is still a lot of strategy involved and the rules are pretty tight. It’s still in alpha, but game centre works, multiplayer via bluetooth works  and we are currently working on getting asynchronous multiplayer working right. While I can’t officially promise anything, I can tell you right now that those who’ve played the game (including girls!) have enjoyed the game … I should be able to release more details once the UI is done (trust me .. nothing looks uglier than a game undergoing prototyping) I actually believe this game is a good use of our time simply because of …

…Ravenmark Multiplayer
Yup .. I’m sure most of you know by now that we (alright – fine, Ian is) have been designing Ravenmark multiplayer (from the ground up again no less). Due to the sheer nature of Ravenmark and the level of complexity involved … I think we will need a few months to complete the async backend. However, it should be much faster now that we are getting our feet wet with our casual game as a means of figuring out the best way to implement our ideas 🙂

Based on our current schedule, Deepwoods Dragoons and our unnamed casual game should be out around June (I’ll try to confirm a date once we ramp up production on it) .. so mark your calendars!

I’ll try to release some new unit pictures soon! I swear to God, one of them was so awesome I wanted to post it immediately … but why spoil the surprise? 🙂

Tech Cocktail

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Have you ever laid awake .. staring at the ceiling .. wondering how we look like? (i hope not, lol)
There was an article published about us recently over at tech cocktail, with a picture! Yes .. you can now check off wondering how we look like off your checklist! Visit tech cocktail for more info!

On a more serious note, I’ll be talking about our new game this week and giving you some decent updates for my weekly update! stay tuned!

Weely updates and Roundup 19th April 2012

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Hi guys! Some good news, and some bad news. Let’s start off with the bad news first. Our dear creative director, Ian, will be sick for the next 2 weeks. That means we may get delayed on multiplayer – but his health’s more important. He needs a few extra days to recuperate (he has been really ill) and so for the time being, we’ve somewhat halted in our progress regarding multiplayer.

What about the good news, you ask? Well … we’ve been working on Deepwood Dragoons and I may have some interesting new images to post up next week! Brian’s still toiling on that script and making sure it’s as good as what you’ve come to expect from us. I can tell you right now, one of the keywords related to Deepwood Dragoons is … “experimental”. You’ll have to wait to find out what awaits Thaddeus in his adventures! (insert evil maniacal laughter here – I personally prefer Dr Evil’s)

Also .. we’ve been working on something else. I can’t really reveal that many details yet .. but suffice to say … the alpha version is working out as planned … I *really* want to talk about this new project.. but not till we’ve set more details in concrete. If everything goes well – this “something else” could see the light of day within the next 2 months (or less!)

Yes yes – I know I’m a big tease. However, we want to make sure whatever we’re working on actually works and makes sense before revealing it. for those of you who wrote in to assist with the beta .. well I might have something for you soon enough! 😀

I’ve also got another surprise .. but I need a big enough surface to display it on to take a picture of before I can show it to you guys! Soon alright!


Weekly Updates and Roundup Apr 12th

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Hey everyone – another week gone by … we’ve finally started the team split and we will now be running 2 projects concurrently. Ian is working on a smaller project while Brian and myself will continue work on Ravenmark. In addition to that, we are also working on a surprise for you guys … I’m not supposed to post this but what the heck (click on the image to enlarge). Yes yes .. I know I’m a pain for blurring out most of the image … but I’m sure you can figure out what it is?

Ha ha ha …

Perhaps I’ll release another panel next week! Or maybe I’ll get Brian to post it on twitter (so follow us if you already haven’t done so!)

All I can say is .. It’s going to be an interesting next 2 months and beyond .. 🙂

hoping i tagged this as something else?

Beta Testing

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Hi everyone. If you would like to help us beta test any future releases / new games – please use your in-game feedback button to shoot me an email. Everyone is welcomed (though I cant guarantee games working on older devices) and all testing will be done via TestFlight. I’ll need your UUIDs and once we have something concrete – we’ll be able to reach out and contact all of you.

Do note however, some of the risks (which we have never, ever experienced before but I still need to tell you) is that beta software can sometimes corrupt devices. (however, all of us here test ravenmark and other alpha software on our personal devices and I can personally say we’ve never had a corruption issue ever).

As you guys know, Ian is currently working on 2 different projects while Brian and myself are going to maintain Ravenmark. Based on our timeline and current progress, we will need testers around mid May. (I wont say for what project though! ha ha ha…)

We also understand that “life happens” and that you may not be available after a month’s time. That’s fine – we totally understand. However, do note we have limited provisioning slots (apple gives us 100/yr) and we have about 40 left. If you’re on the fence – you can always email us closer towards mid May. I’m always happy to oblige anyone interested then as well 🙂

So, let me know if you’re interested! You know how to reach us 😀 If you can download an app called ‘uuid finder’ and send me your uuid along with your email, well that would be icing on the cake! (let me know what device you are using as well!)

Hope to hear from you guys soon!


Download v1.06

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And we just got approval for v1.06 for launch! Preparing for app store and it should be available in the next 15 min. Tested on 8 different ipad3s with no problems so far. Pls email me if you catch anything!! Again, really sorry this happened!


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update5: apple has agreed to an expedited review for the build with the fix! thank you app review team! <3

Lastly – I would like to add that this is entirely our fault and no one elses. We accept full responsibility for our error (we shouldnt have relied on 4-5 ipad3s only) and we will see to it that it doesnt happen again. And this time, we literally plan to sit down and figure out how to avoid this situation from happening ever again. Thanks for your patience everyone. I know we deserve to be scolded and you are right to feel angry, but believe me, we feel equally just as bad. *sigh*

update4: alright.254am and we are done! update is being uploaded to apple servers and being sent to more beta testers. we have tested it across all the devices we have. basically, it stems from us not upgrading to lion, and signing ver 1.05 with xcode 4.2. apple wants developers to sign ipad3 apps with only >4.3 so any stuff we prepared for distribution didnt make it through the last update specifically due to the different versions of xcode. *sigh*. it was a well spent 9 hours and I need to be up in 4 hours for the next job! thank you everyone for writing in with the kind words and support .. it means a lot! you guys are AWESOME. kevin out.

update3: game works on ipad1/2/3, iphone3GS,ipodtouch 2G, iphone 4, iphone4s. thats all the devices we could test on. trying to upload now ..

Update2: we think we’ve narrowed down the problem to compiling the game with xcode 4.2.1 (it seems we should have done it with xcode4.3, but none of us has lion). will update shortly …

update: something’s up with the v1.05 for ipad3s. its not displaying right (even though its working fine on mine right now …)we have no idea what happened but we’re trying to figure it out right now. please bear with us. we’re immensely sorry for this ><


Go, update, and be merry! If you have an iPad3 – v1.05 will definitely fix any display bugs that were occurring! 🙂 Keep us up to date with feedback (in case you run into any issues!) – we are always here for you!

Trouble Impact (a new startup) – some friends we made at the GDC

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Hi everyone – if you have a moment, I’d like to talk about 2 people we met at GDC that were really awesome (besides the Robot Invader guys of Wind-up Knight fame, hiya Chris / Casey! and many others that I just dont have the space to mention)

Basically, Issam Khalil and Cat Musgrov  have started their own company called ‘Trouble Impact‘ and they certainly are going places, so follow them on their twitter and show them some love as well!

We wish you guys all the best!

-Ian, Brian, Kevin + the rest of the witching hour team