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Weekly updates and roundups (Mar 29th)

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Hi everyone

Here’s the latest news coming straight from WHS!

1. v1.05 is currently with apple and we’ve set a release date of 5th April (or sooner, if apple approves it early. otherwise, april 5th will be patch day.) This is the changelog for the patch:

Major Changes
– A Tip Jar is added at the bottom of the Main Menu. Every little bit helps push our team closer towards finishing the Ravenmark saga!
– Added Gameplay section into the Codex (found under Lore). This section explains the game rules, terminology and numbers in detail.
– A Newsfeed is added at the top of the Main Menu. The newsfeed will provide players with updated information about Ravenmark, such as the patch notes and future development. The newsfeed will only be available if there is an active Internet connection at game launch.
– Players may now skip the entire Prelude campaign with a “Skip Prelude” button at the Campaign Menu. This button is only available if Ravenhood Mission 1 is not unlocked yet, and unlocks all missions up to it.

UI Changes
– The “Back” button in the Codex entries now says “Contents” to make it clear it returns to the Codex contents page.
– The Options menu has been reorganized for future expansion.
– When first entering the Codex, the initial “choose a category, sire” image no longer appears.
– All Unit Banners will now hide while zooming in/out of the battlefield.
– Units with an attached commander now have a small commander indicator on the bottom of the Unit Banner. This is mostly relevant for Unnamed Commanders such as the Redeemers and Jackdaw Medics as they do not have portraits and they do not give additional health.
– The last mission of each campaign in the Campaign Menu is now more visible.
– A window containing the mission objectives now appears at the start of every mission.

Gameplay Changes
– Ravenhood Mission 9 is now slightly easier. Added tutorial text indicating the additional “kill Deacon” objective when he spawns.
– Added tutorial text indicating the new “Defeat Vidius Harper” objective when he spawns in Suneaters Mission 8.
– Removed Redeemers from a Jackdaw Slinger that should not have it in Suneaters Mission 8.

– For players that still have a “crashed save file” after completing the Crows and Lies dialogue (end of Prelude Mission 5) created from v1.03 of Ravenmark, loading this save file (by pressing Continue from the Main Menu) will now properly load Suneaters Mission 1. The cause of the crash was already fixed in v1.04 but it did not address the save file. The workaround was simply to load Suneaters Mission 1 from the Campaign Menu directly.
– The maps will now render properly on the new retina iPad (2012).

Aside from that, we’ve found a new backend server guy *hint hint*. We’ve also added facebook integration to the blog, so feel free to tell you how you really feel about us! 🙂

All in all – its been a really productive week for us. I’ve said it once and I’ll continue to say it again – thank you for making this possible. Thank you for playing our game and telling us that you’ve enjoyed it. Thank you for giving us your support – it means a lot. I cant say it enough and I wish I could thank you one by one (well, if you send an email to feedback, you can expect one from me!) Even if you dont have issues with the game – feel free to communicate with us via feedback. If you have a production question – Brian will see your email. If you have a creative / style based question – Ian will definitely read your email and if you’re facing any technical issues – I’m here for you throughout the day (unless I’m sleeping!)

Till next week then!

Facebook integration is a go (I think)

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Hi guys .. I’m experimenting with facebook integration on our blog. please feel free to use the ‘like’ button and comment using the facebook plugin (no, we are not harvesting any data) .. just trying to make it easier for people to comment and join in on the discussion!

We currently have 2 forms of commenting – either through wordpress or facebook. I decided not to disable the wordpress comments in case someone didnt want to use facebook, but this means that there may be 2 threads going on at the same time (if any of you has a suggestion/plugin to recommend that can merge both of these, let me know!)

I’m keeping the facebook comments unmoderated .. for now. Please keep it clean. Feel free to go off topic .. but please dont get out of line .. that’s all I ask for! Please respect everyone’s opinion 🙂


v1.05 changes

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Hey everyone – we just finished putting the final touches on v1.05. We should be uploading shortly. Brian maintains a full changelog on the ravenmark-saga site, but here are some tidbits for you guys to nibble on:

-a tip jar has been added (it’s entirely optional)
-gameplay mechanics are now explained in the codex
-a newsfeed for us you get in touch with you guys has been added.
-you can now skip the prelude with the touch of a button!
-objectives now appear at the start of every mission.
-the game now displays the maps correctly on an ipad3

There are a whole bunch of UI and gameplay changes / balancing done. I won’t go into specifics as Brian will have the change log up soon (and I’ll add a link to that from here when he does)

Cheers 😀 (and thank you all for your never ending support! none of this would be possible without you guys!! <3)


iPad3 compatibility

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Quick note – we have fixed the game to work on the iPad3 and the fix should be with Apple shortly! Thanks for being patient 😀 (we did not however, upgrade the graphics to support ipad retina. not sure if we have the time do so as that will eat into our resources for multiplayer)

What could have been

What could have been … (Weekly update 22nd March)

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Hey everyone – we found an old test screenshot of Ravenmark that we built using a tile based system (versus the hand painted maps that we have now). As you can see, the UI underwent a massive overhaul (ignore the big red STOP button, since that was there for internal testing purposes). But other than that … this is an actual image of the Alpha build of Ravenmark! Simply click the image and copy it to your desktop to own a piece of history! (Ian’s signature optional – if you’re ever in Singapore .. we’ll be glad to autograph it … not that it will change the value much .. haha)

Tell us what you think .. and if you would preferred the whole tiling type of map (as opposed to the huge hand painted ones we have now .. as using regular tiles would have kept the filesize pretty small). Would love to hear from you guys!


What could have been


Before you leave us a bad review .. (Trip5o)

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A wild 1 star reviewer appears!

Hiya everyone. If anyone knows how to get in touch with the above reviewer, please let us know. I don’t mind the occasional bad review because let’s face it – everyone is entitled to their opinion and I accept that. We’ve had bad reviews and I’ve never felt the need to highlight them till now. (if this post is in bad taste – I apologize. I’ve spent a good few hours trying to track down ‘Trip5o’ but he doesn’t want to be found).

I’ve found him on Facebook, but he has disabled messaging. I tried googling him to figure out a way to contact him, but no dice. I tried contacting iTunes but they haven’t got back to me (they are probably swamped) and Trip5o has already updated his review.

I would love to tell him that we have a ‘support’ button on the app store page, a dev blog and a website – all of which would enable him to get in touch with us (and for those of you who have written in .. you know how fast I respond … so it pains me that there is no way to fix this…) The worst part is that it seems to be a connection issue (probably needs to delete the app off the device, restart and go back to the app store to reinstall) yet, (if I’m not mistaken), the assumption is that we are somehow hosting the file and pushing it to apple when the files are with apple themselves? I would love to fix it, but it’s out of my reach.

If any of you know how I can reach him (or Trip5o, if you eventually read this, please email me … use any of the emails on the site or post directly on the comments section of any page and I’ll get back to you)

A cookie for anyone that knows him or can get me in touch with him! (and my gratitude .. that counts for something .. I hope!) 😀


Ravenmark 1.03 Freezing / Crashing

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Hi Everyone

We’re been hearing consistent reports that the game freezes or crashes in two points:

1. After the “Crows and Lies” cutscene, post Prelude Ch. 5
2. When using the Continue button to proceed into the Suneaters campaign from a completed saved game of Ravenhood Ch. 10

We have already rectified these issues and are awaiting Apple’s approval on the fixed update.

In the meantime, to solve each problem:
1. Select the Campaigns option at the Main Menu, then swipe over once to the Ravenhood campaign, and select the first chapter, “Idle Times”. This is the chapter immediately following “Crows and Lies”; you won’t have missed anything.
2. Select the Campaigns option at the Main Menu, then swipe over twice to the Suneaters campaign, and select the first chapter, “Beyond the Mist” to kick off the campaign.

If you’re encountering any other issues, please contact us using the in-game feedback button!

We’re really sorry about the bug and hopefully Apple will approve our bugfix extremely soon! In the meantime, just manually jump between the campaigns and you should be good to continue!

Our very first Fan Art!

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Hey Everyone

I’d like to start off this post by saying that we are very honored that we’ve received our very first fan art from a fan – Yan Gagné (who currently runs !) He was kind enough to create the following fan art for us (which I’m going to print and hang up in the office … hopefully we can get an autographed one as well! )

The whole team was really touched by it (it was really, really unexpected!) All I can say is .. than you Yan for the beautiful work for art … it really does mean a lot to us! (never in my wildest dreams did I think we would ever get any fan art … I’m still surprised)

For everyone else, here is the fan art he created especially for us! Please visit his site (here is the original link) and show him as much love as you’ve shown us!

Suneater campaign Changes (v1.03 visualized)

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Hi Everyone!

If you’re interested to know the changes for the updated version of Ravenmark (currently at 1.03), then look no further! Ian has visually compiled all the changes for all of you … so here you go!

1. Enter the Suneaters! The Suneaters Campaign is now available! The 11 new missions offer an additional 10 to 15 hours of gameplay and depict the story from the Kaysan point of view.

2. Players can command Kaysani swarms as they take to the field!

3. A 3-medal system is now available for every mission. Players will obtain the first medal by completing a mission in Easy difficulty and the second medal by completing it in Normal difficulty. The third medal can only be obtained in Normal difficulty and the requirements are mission specific and are listed in the Tactical Menu as Secondary Objectives. The 3rd medal is intended to challenge even the best players. Players with versions of Ravenmark prior to v1.03 will be retroactively awarded 2 medals for each mission completed before the update.

4. An Easy game difficulty is now available in the Options menu. Easy mode doubles the base hit points of player controlled factions. Players may switch difficulty modes at any time, but it will only take effect on restarting/beginning a new mission.

5. As the player progresses through each mission/cutscene, the game now shows the location and movement of the main characters on the world map.

6. An Atlas (map) of the world is now available from the main menu.

7. There is now a button to jump to the Codex entry of an Attachment/Commander directly from the Element’s information panel in the battlefield.

8. The information panel of an Element now shows the current and remaining health points.

9. Formations (of 2 or 3 Elements) may now move backwards 1 square while maintaining their facing.

10. Abilities now appear before that stat block. This makes referring for abilities easier.

11. The floating text on the battlefield are now larger on the iPad.

12. Also, iCloud syncing is now available. Missions and Medals that have been unlocked will now sync to iCloud so you can continue playing from a second device or delete Ravenmark from your device without losing any progress. Mission autosave files are NOT synced. This feature requires iCloud to be activated on a device running iOS5.

And that’s it from me with regards to the update. Leave us some comments or feedback as soon as you are done playing! We would love to hear from all of you! 🙂