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The Flight to the twins walkthru

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Hey everyone – that’s right … we finally received enough requests for the ‘flight to the twins’ walkthru and I figured I’d post one for those who really need it. It took me my fourth try myself before I beat this mission (damn you Ian!!)

Anyway, my personal strategy is to break all the units on the top left and right into single units (and sacrifice them one by one, as my main army moves down the middle towards Deacon’s spawn point (the objective is to take him out in order to beat the mission. No – buying him dinner and taking him to a movie wont help). Use harper, your archers and your windswept and ‘pursue’ deacon when he spawns (dont forget to use harper’s ability if need be!) I’ve been able to kill him in 6-7 rounds several times using this strategy.

If that isnt enough, one of our commenters, Yuri, beat the mission with the following strategy:
“I’ve just finished the 9 mission: I used militia against braves, windstep against dartelves and Harper with archers against the deacon. The last round was 9.”

Lastly, if you’re still having problems, please see a few walkthrus on our touch arcade page (courtesy of some of our players, including one really, really innovative way of killing the deacon that slipped by us!).

If you have a different strategy – feel free to let me know and I’ll update this page. You’ll probably be happy to know that our patch for February will include an ‘easy’ mode, which should probably help people with this mission.


Weekly updates and roundup Jan 27th

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Hey everyone

There be good news, and there be bad news! The bad news is that we seem to be falling a little behind time for the Kaysan campaign due to some coding issues with the existing build. The good news is that I finished most of the scripting last night! We’ll probably have to do multiple play thrus to catch any errors that may have slipped by, but for the most part, the scripting is 80% done.

Also, as part of my master plan to annoy everyone, here are 3 lines from the upcoming Suneaters campaign. (and no, I will not entertain any questions about the dialogue .. but you can try!) No points for guessing who said the lines either 😀

“It looks like you have forgotten us, wretched raven of Estellion. We are your ancestors… Once the nobles of Carsis.”

“Scramble the Earthshields immediately! And keep the alarms of the watchtowers blaring! We will NOT have our men hiding like cowards just because of this eclipse!”

“Easy talk about amateurs, One-Eye. Wanna step up to the pro leagues? We’ll wager how many marks of those rat clowns we’ll clean out here…”

And lastly, as promised last week, here are the Las Monjas del Sol!

As the honour guard of the Inquisitors, the Monjas del Sol had no reason to be unleashed until the advent of the Reconquista, when they were first gazed upon by the masses gathered at the Altus Solari. Despite the Inquisitors’ disdain for pomp and pageantry, their gold armour serves to reflect the light of the sun, often blinding the enemy to give the Monjas an edge in battle.

The ranks of the Monjas are comprised purely of women who have dedicated themselves to the Inquisitor clergy by enduring a gruesome, visceral ritual that ruptures their wombs. This renders them barren, and thus aligned to the Inquisitor philosophy that disregards the sanctity of life.

We have 1 more units to feature next week … the Bellybows!

Till next week!


Cardani Marshrunners

Weekly updates and roundup Jan 20th

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Hey Hey! (sorry, I’m still fighting my inner Krusty) …

The good news is .. thing’s are definitely coming along. Brian’s finished the script and cleaned it up a lot so it’s easier for me to work with. (thanks Brian!) Now the scripting begins … the sooner I’m done with it, the quicker we can begin internal testing! If we need more testers, and you’re on our testflight list, you’ll hear from us 🙂 I’ll probably blog more about the levels and what you can expect once everything is put together!

Ian’s also working on some other features … I’m not totally sure they’ll make it to the release build (yet) … but you know us! We strive to give you only the best. Also, here’s a shoutout to all our employees at WHS … thanks for the hard work … enjoy the upcoming long weekend!

Let’s see … what do I have in store for you? THE CARDANI MARSHRUNNERS that’s what!

Cardani elves are generally a harefooted bunch, but the most agile of all are packed together as specially trained Marshrunners. Unlike the typical swarm of Cardani, Marshrunners are visible only in Dagger-sized elements for what must be greater maneuverability on the battlefield.

Taught to artfully conserve their movements and maximize their running speeds, a Marshrunner’s metabolism is augmented with needles of Sanoke – an extract of pure adrenaline, harvested from the swollen libido of swamp marsupials in heat. The ability to dodge arrow fire and keep pace with cavalry has its risks, of course; excessive Sanoke shots have left scores of Marshrunners consumed by heatstroke.

Cardani Marshrunners

and for next week … we have … “Las Monjas del Sol”. You’ll just have to wait to find out! 😀



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Hi guys …

If you’re based in Singapore, and have a keen interest in developing games .. drop us a line! We’re looking for artists, sprite animators and programmers! Hit the ‘careers’ tab for more details!


The Menassi Herald

Weekly updates and roundup Jan 13th

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Hi everyone!

Things are .. sort of coming along (I guess). We forgot 1 major factor when trying to release the game in time for end January – it’ll be Chinese New Year in Singapore on the 23rd and 24th. This means that there will be an incredibly long weekend, plus people will be taking a couple of days off in order to extend their holidays :/ We may have to push everything back a week (which means the campaign may only hit first week of Feb) … but we cant deny any of our employees their holiday rights! 😀

Also, we decided to implement some sort of iCloud- syncing capability (we’re actually still working on it – so keep your fingers crossed!! it’ll take us 3-4 days to get it even remotely running) but basically, missions that are unlocked will now be synced across all your iDevices. We would have loved to include the full saving functionality, but we were looking at pushing the entire timeline back 3-4 weeks just to get it right … (you guys should know by now that if it didnt work .. we wouldnt release it!)

With that being said … I have a special gift for all of you due to our scheduling delays … (and just for kickers, I have another 3 more unit sketches to release .. you’ll just have to check back every week for a new one!)
May I present to you … THE MENASSI HERALD!

The Menassi Herald

“We are the gauntlet of the sun.” The true sons of the Inquisitor martial arm, they are the chosen of he, Menasse, son of lord Kayes. Most of the Kaysani humans can be found serving here. The true sons of the Inquisitor martial arm who believe themselves to be “the gauntlets of the sun”, flesh manifestations of the only son of great Kayes, Menasse. The human Heralds usually take the centre of the field as heavy infantry, marching in complete synchronisation as they bear the sigil of the comet on their shields.

A curious experiment begot the armour of the Heralds, commissioned centuries back by one Prior Cristobal de Herrero to challenge the Inquisitors’ dim opinion of the Cardani. Prior de Herrero commandeered a Cardani tribe to forge an armour worthy of Kayes, thus giving birth to that distinctive red and gold-masked suit which bears the hallmarks of elven ornamental styling.

well .. that’s it from me for this week … check back in next week for … the Cardani Marshrunners!


Ravenmark Lite is now out!

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Hey everyone

We’ve just released Ravenmark Lite (which includes the prelude campaign) and its available for download. Tell your folks! Tell your friends! Tell anyone who’ll listen! And before I get carried away, the link is over here.

And to dispel any myths regarding the purchase of the full game – content updates will be free until we complete the entire story (we’re looking at approximately 3-4 more campaigns to go) plus we’ll be adding in a skirmish mode so you can choose a map and create your own battles!

(if you cant find the game, just do a search for ‘ravenmark lite’.)

Now get downloading! 😀


First roundup of the year!

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Hey everyone … I hope you had a great new year’s celebration! This week’s gonna be a real nail biter for us .. results for the IGF nominations come out in a few days … keep your fingers crossed for us! We’re also still working hard on the campaign, and I’ll have some new information for you next week. We have 2 new features to tell you about … soon.

For now though, the rough version of the skirmish mode works somewhat, but there are still kinks in the system. We’re trying to juggle the campaign, skirmish mode and some new features … though we might come up a little short and might have to delay one of the 3 items I just listed … but I’ll keep you up to date as soon as we decide what takes precedence!

You’ll just have to wait a while longer to find out about the new stuff! 😀 I promise you it’ll make a lot of players very happy!!

Till next week!