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Weekly roundup and updates 30th Dec

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Hey Everyone!

Looks like we will be entering 2012 shortly .. there’s isnt really much to update you guys with this week, as we’ve simply been busy working on the suneaters campaign. We’ve also been receiving quite a few feedback emails (thanks to all who’ve written in with suggestions – we are taking them seriously and will see how we can implement some of them without hindering our timeline)

One of the suggestions we’ve received was that people couldnt convince their friends to buy the game, especially since one needed some time to demonstrate gameplay mechanics etc. Well .. worry not as a lite version with the prelude campaign should be hitting the app store shortly! Please spread the word and let everyone know!

Lastly … I’d like to leave you with this screenshot … *dr evil laugh*

Till next year everyone! Have a great new year and be safe!


Weekly roundup and updates 23rd Dec

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Hey everyone – if you’re still following the dev blog … well, first off .. thanks! We sincerely appreciate the support! It’s been an amazing ride so far – we’ve met up with a ton of cool people, made a lot of new friends, and literally learnt about an industry that was foreign to us at one point.

Now, with the holidays being around the corner, we decided to leave everyone with a little x’mas gift. Ian has posted details of the new characters in the Suneater campaign (follow his thread on touch arcade here, and look for post #389)  and he said it would be ok for me to post an upcoming map for the said campaign. So, I’m going to make this post short and sweet, and just leave this here for you guys to enjoy (and yes – I did scale down the image, mainly because the original is huge + imagine all the “fun stuff” we have in store for you for this map!! ha ha). Our artists have put in a ton of hard work into all the artwork (so if any of you decide to drop us a review on the app store, please remember our artists and programmers and give them their due recognition as well – they are indeed wonderful people and have worked really hard!)

One last thing before I end – it has come to our attention that the pirated ipa of the game is already floating around. I understand the whole thing about pirates probably not buying the game either way, but do remember we are doing this full time. If you downloaded the pirated version, and you are in fact enjoying the game, do note that we are going to support Ravenmark with a few more features/modes and more campaigns. Do consider buying the game if you enjoy it and show us your appreciation for our hard work! 🙂

And on that bombshell, from all of us here @ Witching Hour Studios – have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year!!!

Suneaters 08 Taking of the Twins

Suneaters 08 Taking of the Twins

Digital Life review

Weekly roundup and updates 16th Dec (and a newspaper feature!)

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Hey everyone! By now I hope that all of you are enjoying v1.02 goodness! If you aren’t – well start updating your phone now!! 2 things to whet your appetite – we have resumed work on the kaysan campaign and we have another feature that should technically make it to our January update (no promises on this feature though!) However, this feature .. will obviously be a showcase of something greater that’s in the pipeline … but you’ll have to follow the blog in order to find out!

Secondly, we were featured in our local newspaper! Digital Life wrote a review of our game and we were also mentioned in the editor’s note. I’ve attached both articles for everyone to read.

Lastly, if you have any feedback or suggestions at all, please dont hesitate to email us .. we really do want to hear from you! I promise that we do reply to every single email we receive.

Till next week! (click on the thumbnails for a better view!)

Digital Life review

our review in digital life!

Digital Life editorial

V1.02 is now live!

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Go get it on the app store! And because Ian’s already done a terrific job of highlighting the new features, you might as well read his post to the touch arcade forums directly over here. Feel free to drop him a message on the boards as well, as he literally replies to everything! 🙂

Let us know what you think of the update as well!

Quick update

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Hey everyone – for those who volunteered to beta test the universal version – you should be receiving your test flight invitations to download v1.02 shortly. (been play testing the universal build for a few days so far and things are looking good on my end though!)

I hope you guys are as excited as we are with the universal build. After this, we will begin work on the Kaysan campaign (we estimate testing and balancing will begin mid Jan and that will be another round of beta testing).

Lastly- we’ve also fixed a few bugs you didnt know were there! (mainly cosmetic stuff). And the auto save function works pretty well if I do say so myself! (Ian’s had me play test every single map a couple of times for each map just in case … and thank God the auto save system hasnt let me down once! the game also goes by really fast if you disable the splashes .. so that helps too)

Hopefully i’ll have another update for you guys again this Friday. Till then!

Weekly roundup and updates 9th Dec

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Hi Everyone – I’d like to say that we’re done and ready to submit our update to the app store … (yes, you know whats coming next) buuuuuuut, we’ve some into some minor technical issues. We’re going to be working on it all weekend to iron out the kinks before we show any more progress to whoever is reading our blog 🙂

i’ll update the blog as soon as we’re done, with a list of changes you can expect to see. Immediately after this update, we plan to finish work on the Kaysan campaign!

We’ve also begun planning for

*transmission interrupted*

Weekly roundup and updates 2nd Dec

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Hi everyone! Boy, do I have some great news in store for you! We’ve already begun piecing the Kaysan campaign together and I’ll be releasing some teasers here eventually as well.

In-game save feature
Yes – one of the most requested features is now in the game. (sorry we took so long!). Basically, the game now saves at the start of every new round of a map. So for instance, if you get an incoming call while playing round 3 halfway and the iPhone kills the app, then you’ll resume at the start of the round. However, if you manually exit back to the main menu, the system will save every move and command issued at the point of saving.

Universal version
It’s almost done. The entire menu / codex is complete. We are currently tweaking some stuff on the battlefield, but as of now, it looks pretty darn good on the iPad! More updates on this follow, but as of now, we are definitely on track to release v1.02 soon!


Yup – we’ve taken a second look at the damage splash screens and decided to make everyone happy! There are now 4 variations to the splash screens.
– No battle splashes (damage and bonuses all show up immediately on screen between attackers)
-Slow down battle splashes (exactly like the current iteration, except slowed down so you can read everything)
-Normal battle splashes (leaves everything at status quo)
-Speed up battle splashes (basically speeds up the splashes and damage calculation displays)

Interruption during a cut scene
Let’s say you get interrupted during a cut scene, and your phone kills the app for memory purposes. That would mean you would have never been able to follow the story line since you would simply unlock the next campaign right away. Now, if you don’t completely finish viewing the cut scene (unless you skip it on purpose) and you get pulled out of the game and it closes, you’ll be able to now restart at the start of the cut scene!

Moving to a currently occupied tile
Players are now able to move friendly units to occupied tiles, as long as the current unit(on the destination tile) has a higher initiative and moves off from the tile first (that unit will also drop a marker to show that the tile will be reoccupied again). The second unit will now be able to occupy the tile immediately. However, if the first unit is unable to fulfill its orders, the second unit will simply stop next to the first unit.

Well, I hope you are looking forward to the above features. (feel free to let us know how you feel in the comments section!) We do have more things planned, but as usual, you’ll simply have to check back in with me next week!

Till then,