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ipad screenshot #3

Weekly roundup and updates!

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Hey everyone – first off, for those of you having your thanksgiving dinner .. gobble gobble! Hope you’re enjoying the scrumptious feast (and the nap after!)

Anyway – I’ll be updating the blog once a week (probably every Friday) from now on with updates to our progress. We think it’s only fair that the people who have supported us should know what’s going on 🙂

This week – I have 2 surprises in store for all of you (though I believe Ian’s beat me to the punch here on our Touch Arcade page) :

Let’s start off with iPad support. We’re making good progress on universal support and we should be completely done with the conversion by next week. Alright – I know you didn’t come here to hear me talk so I’ll stop now and give you some screen shots first (click on the picture for the actual size):

ipad screenshot #1

ipad screenshot #2

ipad screenshot #3

ipad screenshot #4

ipad screenshot #5

And if you’ve made it down this far .. then the other piece of good news we have to announce is … that the save game mechanism is done 🙂 That’s right – you can now play without worries. (and our humblest apologies for not getting this to you sooner! we make no excuses for our mistake) Lastly – most of the assets for the Kaysan campaign are done. We hope to get it out to everyone by the end of January, so please bear with us!

With that being said, Ian might have a surprise or two in store for you guys next week … but that just means you’ll have to check back in again .. next week!

Also, if you have any questions, you can reach us using the feedback button in the game or simply email us here. If you have anything at all on your mind regarding the game – we would love to hear from you! (suggestions / feedback / criticism etc)

Till next week then!


Thanks to everyone for their support!

Wallpapers to show our appreciation!

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As a sign of our appreciation to all our fans for their ongoing support, we’ve created  a special piece of artwork for all of you to enjoy. Simply click on the type of image you’d like, right click the image in your browser when it downloads, and save it to your desktop, or transfer it to your device 🙂
-The Witching Hour Team

iPhone (non-retina)

iPhone (retina)

Our progress 18 Nov

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Hey everyone .. for those visiting our site … we’re still working hard to bring you the universal update and the save game feature. I do have to admit, the menu looks terrific on an iPad. (sorry .. cant post screenshots since our debug stuff is all over it!).

Rest assured that we want to get this update out to you as soon as possible:)

Upcoming features planned

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Hi everyone! I thought I’d take the opportunity to let everyone know that our development team is hard at work creating the universal app and we are tinkering with ways to incorporate a ‘save’ feature into the game. We are making some progress and we hope to release the next update towards the end of the month (please keep your fingers crossed!). V1.01 that fixes the crashing with 4th gen ipod touches is already with Apple and should be approved shortly. As we make headway into the features for v1.02, I’ll be sure to keep all of you updated!

If you would like to see the changelog for v1.01 – simply head on down to our Facebook page here and look through the album. Ian’s posted a graphical changelog (which sure as hell beats a text-based one any day!)


Ravenmark is now LIVE on the appstore!

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Hey everyone – Ravenmark just went live on the appstore. It was a few hours ahead of schedule .. but that just simply means you get to play the game a few hours earlier! You can find it on the US app store here: Alternatively, simply do a search for ‘Ravenmark’ and we should pop up as the only entry! -Kevin