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What we’re dreaming of…

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Where we'd want to be...

The Maldives…


This is where we’re not, because we’re working our butts off trying to put Ravenmark together in time for our internal deadlines. There’s a long road ahead – game balancing, scriptwriting, bug (beta) testing, sound engineering… and that’s just making the game, that’s just half the battle, my friends.

Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion

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Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion is a turn-based strategy RPG that bases its roots upon a pedigree of well-loved SRPGs like Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics and Advance Wars. An intricate overarching storyline, spread over four major chapter Arcs, weaves together the fate of six nations in this land known as Eclisse, their collective destinies intertwined through the marks of history and ambition.


A Colossal Tale on a Pint-sized Phone

In the first Arc, players will discover the ways of Estellion, the eponymous empire of the raven; Kaysan, whose venomous, vengeful denizens were splintered in ancient times from Estellion; the Lyri, a roving populace of feral, mystical tribes who favour raiding; and Esotre, where human and dwarven ingenuity have conquered technology. Later arcs will turn the spotlight to the Ard-ru, the strife-stricken lords of the mountains and sky; Scipin, a burgeoning union of mercenaries who champion honour; and perhaps some of the lost lores of the land…

As the saga unfolds through dialogues and cut-scenes, these nations will rise and fall while an eclectic cast of characters pursue their goals, form relationships and uncover a wealth of political intrigue. Each campaign paints the battles from from one nation’s point of view – so as players progress through the game, this campaign’s dastardly villains may turn out to be next campaign’s heroic protagonists.


Brisk, Dynamic Turn-Based Combat

Originally conceived as a tabletop game, we are building Ravenmark’s gameplay on the principle that battles should be quick, fun and easily scalable, so we’ve thrown some dynamic twists into the design mix.

You’ll take the stage as the commanding general of any given campaign battle in Ravenmark. These battles are essentially turn-based; players may key in battle commands without timed pressure at the outset of a combat turn. However, the acting speed (or Initiative) of a combat element will determine the sequence of actions in a given turn… Players must carefully consider how the order of actions will play out on the battlefield when the turn kicks off, or risk annihilation!



Incisive, Effective Commanding with Standing Orders

Players are assisted by Standing Orders: A.I. assisted commands that allow players to focus on the pivotal points in the battle, instead of micro-managing a whole army. Each unit can be given a basic set of standard actions such as moving forward and attacking the nearest enemy, or standing their ground and attacking any unit that comes within range.

Standing orders would be given to all units at the start of a battle and are carried out every turn. As a commander making decisions throughout the rest of the battle, you’ll have a set number of Command Points per turn to alter the orders or action of chosen elements, so choose wisely to turn the tide of battle!


Build Your Own Formations

Units in the game can be expanded through the use of formations; many elements can be upgraded from a single-tile unit to double or triple-tile formation units, unlocking special abilities and stat bonuses. Customize your formations further with support elements that work like accessories, adding more unique attack/defense options and status buffs.






The empire of the Raven, and the strongest power in Eclisse. Its seat of power lies with the ruling House Corvius and its dedicated military might. Though a potpourri of nationalities thrive across its lands, humans and Jackdaw halflings compose the backbone of Estellion. Its citizens stay faithful to its core meritocratic ideal – embodied by the raven’s noble flight – that one’s actions shall define one’s ultimate worth.



Nobles of the once powerful Carsis empire, brought to their knees by the revolutionary rise of Estellion, were exiled into the deepest reaches of the southern Cardani swamps, beyond the findings of any modern expeditions. Having allied with the greedy elves of the swamp, this vengeful kingdom has bided its time, awaiting a time of prophecy when the sun and moons will bring tragedy to those who have stolen the Kaysani birthright.



Embracing the cutting edge of rune magic and natural alchemy, the 10,000 humans and dwarves who hail from the gates of Esotre concern themselves primarily with the path to scientific knowledge and prosperity. The inhospitable geography of its capital Silvergate has, over the centuries, birthed a hardy and optimistic people who remain inventively indispensable allies to Estellion in trade, warfare and culture.



The primitive, nomadic tribes that collectively make up the Lyri share a profound mystical bond with the lush expanse of eastern forests. Warriors of these tribes, though christened after majestic flowers, teem with immense savagery and ritualistic fervour. Their ruthless matriarchal leaders – the Denmothers – command raids upon the borders of Estellion for plundering and pleasure killing.



A tumultuous blend of highlander and lowland peasant clans who command the frigid peaks of the Canid mountains that encircle Lyri and Estellion. Their philosophical thirst to defy the impermanence of mortality has seeded an insatiable lust for power across the Ard-ru collective. If only the clans would stop contradicting and spiting each other, their combined dominion of water and storm magic could crush all who oppose the Ard-ru…



The golden chalice anchors the young nation of Scipin, formed from a union of wandering nomads who were forced to inhabit the frozen, inhospitable plains of the northwest. A ritualistic alignment to their legacy of honour allows them to channel blessings of power – akin to magic – to defend that very honour and their ideals of pride, moderated balance and benevolence to society.





RAVENMARK: Scourge of Estellion has been out for a while and has been a critical hit! You can find the full version here and the Episodic version here.

Concept Art

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Here’s some of our early concept art that helped define Ravenmark and give it its unique style.

Ravenmark takes place in a world known as Eclisse, or ‘Matre Lissa’ – the Mother, as its inhabitants have nicknamed her. Around her revolve the three moons, the Soresses, or Sisters. And above them all, in eternal pursuit of his daughters, is Kayes, the Sun-father. Whenever Kayes catches one of his daughters, a solar eclipse occurs. Along with the stars that dot the night sky, these heavenly bodies and their interactions have given rise to a shared mythology amongst the peoples of Eclisse.

Stay tuned as we slowly uncover the lore and world of Ravenmark! Locales, Characters and Elements! (Elements are our term for basic combat units… you’ll figure it out along the way!)


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Welcome to the brand new website for Witching Hour Studios! We decided things needed a fresh coat of paint around here, to better let friends and fiends learn more about the development and progress of our first game for iOS devices, Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion… When the time is right, there will be goodies to be had, so stay tuned!