Scourge of Estellion

Where a saga of medieval fantasy and timeless turn-based strategy unite


Battle your friends with ferocious formations for wargaming superiority

Romans In My Carpet!

16-bit turn-based strategy madness by way of pint-sized Pax Romana

Songs and Shadows

A dark tale for the ages, spun as a classic isometric RPG with fresh twists


We’re more than an independent team of young game developers who live in Singapore. We’re a family that loves working on both riveting game designs and fantastic world building. Our simple hope is that you enjoy our labours of love. Share our games with the people you care about and you’ll really make our day!

In our games, we want players reading deep and getting all the feels. That takes immersive, believable worlds and a cast of characters with personable narratives. That stuff comes hand in hand with memorable gameplay mechanics that hit the spot, but still feel fresh. It’s difficult, but you know what? This is what we love.